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Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Vectren's commitment to the environment
Free and low-cost energy-saving tips for the winter
Recycle your extra electric appliances and earn $30
Cut energy costs by unplugging phantom loads

How-To Instructional Videos
Adding weather stripping to windows and doors
Maintaining your furnace filter
Insulation basics
Installing a programmable thermostat
Installing energy efficient shower heads
Caulking to prevent air leaks
Installing low-flow faucet aerators

Energy Education and Safety
Vectren's gas purchasing strategy for Indiana customers
Ohio customers can choose their natural gas supplier
Natural Gas Safety: It makes sense to trust your senses
Avoid striking underground utility lines; call 811 before you dig
Vectren’s Live Wire Demonstration teaches electric safety

Highlights from the 2009 Vectren Dayton Air Show


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