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Install low-flow faucet aerators and save $100 a year

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Low-flow aerators, when installed, reduce the flow of water from the faucet without reducing pressure — thus, saving energy and water. In fact, each low-flow aerator can save up to 40 therms per year and 13,000 gallons of water with regular usage — that equates to savings of $100 per year.

Installing low-flow faucet aerators on your faucets is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to save on both energy and water costs. Watch Vectren's how-to video for simple instructions. From the kitchen to the bathroom, when you turn on the hot water handle, you start burning natural gas and, obviously, consuming water. In fact, faucet use accounts for more than 15% of an average household’s daily water consumption.

How can you tell if you have low-flow aerators or not?
The rated flow of your existing aerator is imprinted on the side. This should read 2.75 gallons per minute (gpm) or lower. If it’s more than 2.75 gpm, you need to replace it. Most faucets made and installed after 1994 already are equipped with low-flow aerators.

Where can you find low-flow aerators?
Visit any home improvement store. Most bathroom low-flow aerators cost around $1 to $3, and one for the kitchen is around $3 to $4. Online conservation resources, such as AM Conservation group, Niagra Conservation and the Conservation Mart, also sell these and similar energy efficiency products.

Vectren does not endorse any particular product or wholesaler.

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