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Cut energy costs by unplugging phantom loads

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The average home has more than 25 phantom loads - that can add up to $200 to your electricity bill each year. Phantom or vampire load is the amount of electricity that’s being drained by equipment when it’s off or in standby mode.

Any device that has a remote control or instant on capability is slowing draining your power. The amount of standby power can sometimes be found with the product specifications in the owner’s manual.

CD and DVD players, microwaves, video gaming systems, alarm clocks, a cell phone that’s already fully charged, computers, TVs - UNPLUG these items to keep the meter from spinning. To save time, put these devices on a power cord that can easily be switched off.  Be sure to consider if unplugging an appliance could erase personal settings or other data that has been programmed. 

Computers and their peripherals should be placed on a Smart Strip, which automatically powers down your computer’s peripherals, such as speakers, modems and printers, once your turn off your computer. Smart Strips range from $25 to $40.

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